Willowcroft care home

At Willowcroft, we strive to improve services user’s life’s so that they can lead an independent and could would fulfilling life.

Our state of art care home offers the latest in luxurious living: All bedrooms have en-suite facilities. We work closely with market leaders in the architectural and design industries to create home environments that enable people who are living with Mental Health Conditions and Dementia to find their way around independently. We have a design team whose job it is to ensure that there are similarities of approach to design across all our homes and that we’re meeting the necessary standards.

We use this background to create supportive and enabling environments that preserve each resident’s sense of identity in a way that feels right for them. This may involve personalising a room or filling a memory box, whatever it takes to make the move to a new home as smooth as possible for residents and their loved ones.

The Willowcroft team spend a lot of time getting to know the residents as individuals; which allows the team to tailor the care and support around the resident’s needs.

We continually work with our residents and families in maintaining life skills such as cooking, cleaning of own bedroom, helping with shopping and other skills such as riding a bicycle.

Life at Willowcroft

Life at Willowcroft is about maintaining independence and living a fulfilled life of enjoyment with the help and support of skilled staff.

Moving in and forging relationships

At Willowcroft we encourage our residents to get to know each other and build friendships.

We actively support and encourage loved ones to spend as much time within the home, so they can also get to know the staff, as we believe this helps build the relationship and makes the move easier.

We have strong links within the community and encourage residents who are able to, to undertake volunteer work, assist staff with shopping for the home etc. we find this gives them a sense of worth.

Supporting the whole family

Joining in with an activity at the care home is a great way to get the most out of your visit with a loved one. Taking part in something together helps maintain strong relationships and you’ll find new ways of relating to each other. This is particularly beneficial if your loved one is living with dementia and/or mental health conditions.

Willowcroft team deliver unique and compassionate care

Every aspect of your loved one’s care is tailored to their needs, interests, likes and dislikes. Our team works hard to get to know your loved one extremely well, creating care plans, organising activities and even planning menus that are uniquely suited to your loved one. These are also regularly updated in line with your loved one’s needs and wants.

Home comforts

Step inside Willowcroft and be prepared to leave the typical view of care homes behind. Our homes are modern, spacious and provide a comfortable and safe environment for our residents to live in.

At Willowcroft we offer a warm and friendly welcome, with cosy and inviting lounges and communal spaces. We encourage residents to bring in their own personal belongings including small furniture to help make the environment feel as homely as possible. We offer a warm and friendly welcome to all who visit our home.

Dietary needs

At Willowcroft we understand the importance of good nutrition; we provide a healthy and well balanced diet, by catering for specific needs and cultural preferences.

We encourage our residents to contribute to menu plans; this ensures everyone gets to eat the food they enjoy. Our chefs will often sit down with residents to chat about what they’re enjoying and not enjoying.

Willowcroft have purchased a cooker, which is located on the mental health unit to help encourage residents to prepare and cook their own meals with staff guidance. The aim is to build and maintain life skills.