Ashcroft care home

Our state of art care home offers the latest in luxurious living: the home has its own tea room, hair salon, massage and pamper parlour. All bedrooms have en-suite facilities. What’s more, the home is just a short walk from the town centre and leisure parks.

Life in Ashcroft is about helping our service users to enjoy more independent and fulfilling lives.

Our motto is, “Our service users don’t live in our work place, we work in their homes”. We want our service users and their families to look upon our care home as their own, from the first day they move in.

As a valued family member you are welcome to drop in anytime and to stay as long as you like. We encourage families’ members to have their meals with their loved ones and celebrate memorable dates with them.

Moving in and forging relationships

We understand that when a loved one move’s into a care home can be daunting prospect for everyone involved. To alleviate this we work with each new service user and their family to learn about their life stories, their interests, likes and dislikes. We find out what they enjoy doing and eating, where they have lived, what jobs they’ve done and where their favourite places are.

Additionally we prepared a moving in guide, which contains useful and practical things to consider. It helps if families and loved ones get to know members of our care team ahead of their moving in date.

We recommend that you spend time visiting the home, talking to staff and getting to know other service users. These visits will help your loved one settle in more quickly and you will have the peace of mind that they are in safe hands and being well cared for.

We also hold open days as a formal introduction to the management and care team for new families.

Home comforts

When you step inside Ashcroft, you will leave the typical view of care homes behind. Our homes are modern, spacious and provide a comfortable and safe environment for our service user to live in. At Ashcroft we offer a warm and friendly welcome, with cosy and inviting lounges and communal spaces. Service users are welcome to personalise their rooms to make them feel more like home.

Enjoying good food

Just as in many family homes, meal times are a special part of the day at Ashcroft . Meals provide a chance for service user to come together, enjoy good food and socialise with friends.

We understand the importance of good nutrition and provide fresh healthy meals which cater for individual tastes, dietary needs (both medical and allergies) and cultural preferences. We are also particular about the value of food offered to our service users, which is why we have a catalogue of meals available and its calorific values which is calculated daily.

We change our menus regularly, utilising fresh seasonal produced to keep things interesting.

Staying active

We support service users to follow their hobbies and interests and will do everything we can to help service users to continue enjoying their favourite activities. Our regular activities range from flower arranging, baking sessions, sewing classes, reminiscing of historic events, gentle exercise classes to quizzes, bingo and art classes. Our homes have landscaped gardens which are perfect to relax in or stroll around when the weather is warmer.

Ashcroft care home has strong links with their local communities, and many are visited by entertainers, churches and performers as well as local schoolchildren who sing and perform for service users or simply chat to them to learn more about their lives. If a service user wants to go to a nearby club or society, we’ll support them to do so.

Our activities team will organise day trips for service users, and we are rightfully proud of the seasonal events and parties that we put on for friends, family and people from the local community. Service users play a key part in planning, organising and making things for these events.

Supporting the whole family

Joining in with an activity at the care home is a great way to get the most out of your visit with a loved one. Taking part in something together helps maintain strong relationships and you’ll find new ways of relating to each other. This is particularly beneficial if your loved one is living with dementia.

Unique, compassionate care

Every aspect of your loved one’s care is tailored to their needs, interests, likes and dislikes. Our team works hard to get to know your loved one extremely well, creating care plans, organising activities and even planning menus that are uniquely suited to your loved one. These are also regularly updated in line with your loved one’s needs and wants.

Dementia friendly environments

When a person is trying to make sense of the world around them, their immediate surroundings can make all the difference to their quality of life.

We work with some of the leaders in the architectural and design industries to create home environments that enable people who are living with dementia to find their way around independently.

We also have a design team whose job it is to ensure that there are similarities of approach to design across all our homes and that we’re meeting the necessary standards.

We use this background to create supportive and enabling environments that preserve each resident’s sense of identity in a way that feels right for them. This may involve personalising a room or filling a memory box, whatever it takes to make the move to a new home as smooth as possible for service users and their loved ones.